In 2018 not all smartphones, especially in the lower class, offer large internal storage to store all our digital needs.

The size of modern applications that are getting more and more bloated contributes to problems. Just look at the Google Chrome browser application that takes 100MB when first installed. If you are a gamer, it can be even worse because popular MOBA games like Mobile Legends can take more than 1GB after all data has been downloaded.

This problem of course will also be experienced by almost all smartphone users. Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Line will also continue to require more storage capacity to store various chat, image and video data. Especially if you join a group that is very active, unconsciously an instant messaging application can eat up to a few.

For that microSD it seems to be a mandatory device to be owned especially for users with a 16GB capacity smartphone down to be able to more easily install various types of applications.

Kingston as a leading storage vendor presents a solution that you can choose. One of them is Kingston microSDHC Class 10 with a capacity of 32GB which is available on the market.

In the sales package, you will also immediately get a microSD to SD Card adapter so that it can also be used on devices that have an SD Card port such as a laptop.

In the front view it is written that this microSD has UHS-1 technology. For those of you who don't know yet, the UHS stands for Ultra High Speed ​​which has much faster transfer capability than ordinary microSD.

The UHS-1 Class 10 itself in theory has the ability to read 45MB / s and write 10MB / s. That way users do not have to worry about applications or photos open slowly.

Then what about Kingston microSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 32 GB when used on a smartphone? Here's the review from the Gadgetren team.

Performance Test

In this review I use the ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro smartphone as a device whose storage is expanded with Kingston microSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 32 GB.

There are two methods that I do to see the speed of data transfer from this microSD. The first method, I tried to directly move data from the computer to the microSD that is already on the smartphone via a USB cable.

Moving one 2.2 GB video file takes quite a while, which is about 1 minute. Next I tried to move more data to 165 files, but with a smaller size. As a result, I have to wait around 7 minutes 43 seconds until everything is moved, quite quickly.

In the second method, the transferred data already exists on the smartphone's internal storage. The result is that the time needed is a little longer, which is about 1 minute 32 seconds with a transfer speed of 26-28 MB / s to move the same video file while for more numbers it takes around 6 minutes 10 seconds with an average speed of 26-29 MB / s.

The same thing can be seen from the results of benchmark tests using the CrystalDiskMark application. In the Sequential section shows that this microSD has a speed of reading 75 MB / s while the writing speed is 29 MB / s. Not much different from the trial I did before.


Seeing from the results of these trials, I can say that the performance provided by Kingston microSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 32 GB is very sufficient for most smartphone users in Indonesia today.

This 32GB capacity is sufficient for users in general and has a reasonably priced price because it can be purchased for only IDR 140,000. By adding storage capacity via microSD, you can be more calm and avoid insufficient storage problems when you want to install the application.

The UHS-1 technology that is presented guarantees fast data transfer so there is no need to worry about opening photos or applications for long.

Therefore for those of you who need additional storage for smartphones, this microSD from Kingstone can be an option because it offers quite good performance at a price that is relatively affordable compared to having to buy a smartphone that from the beginning has a large capacity.

MicroSD can be a solution for users of small capacity smartphones. The existence of a microSD will also make the process of changing smartphones easier because you just have to pair it without needing to transfer first.