Having a surveillance camera in a place of residence can provide a sense of security because we can monitor it directly to avoid unwanted events.

Fortunately in this all-digital era, surveillance cameras have many types including those that can be monitored via a smartphone. One of them is D-Link DCS-8100LH as a WiFi camera with a 180 degree lens.

In the sales package, you will get one DCS-8100LH camera, power adapter, mounting bolt, and guidebook. Already the mounting bolts will certainly make it easier for users if they want to attach DCS-8100LH to the wall. A simple box with all the important information about the product has become a distinctive feature of D-Link.

Modern and Slim Design

The design of the D-Link DCS-8100LH has a very modern, minimalist, and tiny impression. Unlike most large and striking surveillance cameras, the DCS-8100LH looks smelly with white walls if not carefully considered.

The DCS-8100LH is also separated into two parts, namely the base of the support and the main camera which is connected by hinges. These hinges can be used to adjust the opening angle between the camera and the base to get optimal vision. The base and the camera can be rotated so that the image orientation of the image remains straight.

Therefore this one surveillance camera can be conveniently placed anywhere on the wall or table. Users do not need to think hard about which position is good for putting the DCS-8100LH as a surveillance camera.

One thing that is a little interesting to me, at the bottom there is a path gap in the Power cable that makes it hidden with a zig zag hook to lock it in place. I admit this method is quite clever because it looks much neater and organized.

About the camera itself, the D-Link DCS-8100LH features a 1 / 2.7 "1 MP CMOS sensor. With these sensors, the camera can produce images with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels up to 30 FPS. The image magnification system still uses digital rather than optical so that there will be quality degradation zooming in.

D-Link DCS-8100LH Besides

Of course the main feature of the camera is a lens that has a horizontal viewing angle of 180 degrees to give maximum results. That way the object will be caught more broadly so that you don't need to bother looking for the right place to be able to see all parts of the location.

In addition there is also an Infra Red LED that can capture images in a minimum of 0 Lux lighting with a maximum distance of 5 meters. The quality of the image produced by this mode is classified as clearly visible in pitch black conditions without any lighting at all.

Very Easy Installation and Software

The DCS-8100LH installation is very easy like other products from D-Link. If you have previously installed a D-Link Home Kit, then you will not be familiar with the process that must be done.

Users are required to download the mydlink application which is available on Android and iOS smartphones first. Then the user just needs to scan the QR Code available in the installation instructions and follow the steps printed on the smartphone screen and after the Power light turns green it indicates that the DCS-8100LH is ready for use.

After that the camera can be accessed via a local WiFi network when in the same network or cloud while outside. That way you can still monitor the location from anywhere and anytime while connected to the internet. Of course when checking through the cloud it will consume quota according to the quality of the selected video.

Using the mydlink application is also easy. In the main view, you will be immediately presented with a list of devices that can be connected locally. But you are required to create a D-Link account if you want to access the device via the internet so that all connected devices are stored in the account.

With that, mydlink can be a hub for all Home Kit devices from D-Link. Simply by opening this application, you can easily view and manage each device without the need to move applications. There are two variants provided, namely mydlink lite and mydlink standard according to user requirements.

If you choose DCS-8100LH in the mydlink account that is already connected, then the user will be immediately treated to the real time video and audio display captured by the DCS-8100LH at that time. Users can set HD 720p or 480p video quality as desired so as not to consume too much quota when viewing over the internet.

D-Link DCS-8100LH Afternoon

The picture quality captured is very clear because I can see carefully what happened to include someone's face. Its wide angle of view up to 180 degrees allows it to have so many objects caught at once.

In addition there is also a screenshot menu for capturing images and records to record them as video files to a smartphone to review later. Users can also pair the microSD to store everyday records that are stored automatically. This will certainly be very useful when you want to know in more detail about the events that have passed.

With the DCS-8100LH, of course you can also send sound from a smartphone which is then released by speakers that are directly embedded in it. Unfortunately there is no sound volume setting, but it is very sufficient for a simple surveillance camera.

Finally, users can clearly see what happened thanks to the night mode. D-Link DCS-8100LH features infrared LEDs that allow images to be captured clearly in even dark conditions up to 5 meters. The quality of the night images needs to be acknowledged quite clearly so there is no difficulty at all when you want to see the situation at night.

Another interesting feature is of course sound and motion detection. With this feature the application will provide notifications directly to the smartphone every time it finds a movement or sound that was caught. That way you can immediately check whether there are suspicious things happening at that location without always having to watch at all times.


Finally, D-Link DCS-8100LH can be an option for anyone who wants to have a smart surveillance camera, especially for users who already have a smart home ecosystem. Especially with the installation process that is very easy to make users can install it themselves without the need for help from others.

A modern, compact and flexible design allows the DCS-8100LH to be installed anywhere. But this must be paid for by the absence of a motorbike driver to be able to change the viewing angle from afar. Even so, what was given by the DCS-8100LH was already sufficient to be used to guard a residential house or a room.

The visual quality of a 1MP camera is quite good and clear for everyday use. Do not miss the infrared sensor that allows the camera to still be able to capture images while in the dark even though.

In terms of software, the mydlink application, especially the lite version, has a fairly simple appearance so it won't be difficult to use it. Through this application the user can access previous recordings if they have already installed a microSD card, set the camera configuration, and other smart home functions.