Nokia recently released their first Android Go mobile phone in Indonesia, namely Nokia 1. As an Android Go phone, Nokia 1 is sold at a low price of Rp999,000.

This phone looks trendy with a design style that accentuates the impression of young people. The design of the Nokia 1 slightly reminds me of the previous Nokia Lumia 500 series.

The Nokia 1 color variant that I use in this review is a dark blue variant. Uniquely, the cellphone is not entirely dark blue but there are white lines on some parts of the cellphone such as the edge of the screen and the edge of the rear camera which makes it attractive.

The body of the Nokia 1 phone is wrapped with a sturdy polycarbonate plastic material with a curved rear design. The robustness of this cellphone has always been the hallmark of Nokia phones.

The size of the cellphone and screen is arguably small for today. But this makes the Nokia 1 a comfortable grip by the hand, especially coupled with a light weight.

The screen of this cellphone is rather reflective, I often see my face reflected on the screen of the cellphone so that it slightly disturbs and decreases the quality of the screen display of Nokia 1.

Nokia 1 screen resolution is also rather small, which is only 480 × 854 pixels. But because of the small screen size, the interface still looks smooth. The new screen display looks rough when used for playing games or watching videos.

Speakers on Nokia 1 are quite loud and clear. It's a bit surprising actually to see the price of a cheap cellphone. The quality of the speaker voice telephone conversation is also ok.

For sensors in Nokia 1 there are only a few sensors, namely accelerometer, light sensor, and proximity sensors. However, the automatic lighting level feature on Nokia 1 that uses a light sensor is chaotic, either on the software or hardware side. For screen lighting levels, it is better set manually.

The performance of the Nokia 1 as a whole is more smoothly than Nokia 2. Maybe this is the effect of using the Android Go operating system which is more power efficient and also data.

For the operation of the application quite smoothly on Nokia 1 but the initial process of running the application and changing the application often feels slow.

Because this is an Android Go cellphone, the Google application that is embedded by default on the Nokia 1 is a Go version application like Google Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Assistant Go, and Maps Go. This Go version was chosen to minimize the use of mobile data and resources.

Even though Nokia 1 is an Android Go phone it doesn't mean you have to use the lightweight / Go Android version. I tried using a standard Facebook and Twitter application that is still smoothly used.

However, it should be noted that the internal storage capacity of Nokia 1 is only 8 GB with the system already taking 2.3 GB. If you install a lot of applications, of course cellphone storage will be full quickly.

Nokia 1 can also be used to play games like Mobile Legends especially in Low graphics settings. However, the game loading process is quite long and the game graphics appear bad and unclear.

If I change the graphic settings to Medium in Mobile Legends, the performance is still ok and the graph becomes clearer even though I find stutter more often when playing games.

Nokia 1 uses a 5 MP camera for the rear camera and a 2 MP camera for the front camera. The catch of the camera in an area with bright light is good enough for cheap mobile phones. But opening the camera application and seeing a preview of the results of the camera is rather slow.

When there is not enough light in the area of   the photo such as natural light in the home room, the quality of the photo decreases and the results are rather blurry.

For the battery, the Nokia 1 is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2,150 mAh. When I test to play HD resolution videos on a non-stop basis, Nokia 1 produces a screen on time 5 hours 32 minutes from 100% battery power to 15%. For my daily use, the Nokia 1 can last a whole day.

Nokia 1 in my opinion is more suitable for those who are first time using a smartphone or constrained by a budget or just prioritizing the main features of a cellphone such as calling and texting but still want to use a smartphone type of cellphone.

I personally prefer to suggest buying a cellphone that is a little more expensive if there is a budget such as the Meizu M6 which presents performance much faster than Nokia 1 even though the price difference is not too far away.