Recently, ASUS released their latest gaming laptop, the ROG Strix GL504 Hero II. This laptop presents high specs to be smooth in playing games.

Interestingly, ROG Strix Hero II is different from most gaming laptops in general from the display side. ROG Strix Hero II looks attractive with a "smoother" design and a thin monitor bezel.

I had the opportunity to test this laptop to test how tough ROG Strix Hero II is in playing games and daily work activities.

It should be noted that the ROG Strix Hero II variant that I use is a specification of the Intel Core i7 8750H 2.2 GHz, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and VGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.


One thing that really makes me reluctant to use a gaming laptop for daily activities, especially for work, is the design of the laptop is usually too flashy and too "gamers".

Well, ROG Strix Hero II laptops look more calm with the shape of a more conventional boxed laptop but still present elements of gamers in the design such as the ROG logo that lights up, RGB keyboard, and RGB light strips on the end of the laptop.

The design of this laptop makes it suitable for playing games at home or brought to work in the office. The size of the laptop is quite compact for a gaming laptop class with dimensions of 36.1 cm x 26.2 cm and weighing 2.4 kg.

The keyboard on this laptop is quite large and comfortable in its layout with the addition of 4 special keys to adjust the volume, microphone, and access the ROG Gaming Center application.

The keyboard keys for QWER letters are different from other buttons because they use transparent buttons to highlight the impression this laptop is designed for MOBA games and also to be different from their brother Scar II.

There is one strange thing about the ROG Strix Hero II laptop, which is the placement of the webcam at the bottom right of the laptop. This certainly makes activities such as video calls rather difficult to get a face image with the right position.


ROG Strix Hero II uses an IPS screen measuring 15.6 inches with a thin bezel. In addition, the screen is equipped with 144Hz refresh rate, 3 millisecond response time, and 100% sRGB color gamut. For the screen resolution itself is 1920 × 1080.

The ROG Strix Hero II screen successfully displays bright and quality images. Coupled with the use of the IPS screen, the quality of the display screen is maintained when viewed from various sides.


ROG Strix Hero II presents strong performance both from the operating system boot time, laptop standard operation, to playing games.

The robust performance of ROG Strix Hero II is due to a combination of using an Intel Core i7 8750H 2.2 GHz processor with extensive 16GB DDR4 RAM, Seagate FireCuda SSHD 1TB storage, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB VGA that can process graphics quickly.

When I tested it by playing the Assassin's Creed Origins game with graphics set to Very High settings, the game performance was smooth. There is only a bit of stutter that I found and usually happens when I enter the game cutscene.

Tried in other games like Final Fantasy XV with maximum graphic settings, the performance was also smooth even though stutter was still visible.

ROG Strix Hero II gets a pretty good score in the Cinebench benchmark application. For OpenGL testing this laptop gets a score of 81.45 FPS and for the CPU to get a score of 1095 cb.

Although the ROG laptop Strix Hero II uses an appendage specifically for MOBA game players, this laptop is already powerful enough to play the latest games with high graphic settings.

For non-gamers, I think this laptop is also suitable for video content creators, graphic designers, and programmers. Coupled with an elegant design and not too flashy, no need to feel uncomfortable using it in the work environment.

During the use of this laptop, I rarely feel the heat that means from the laptop. This is because ASUS has embed cooling and fan technology specifically for ROG Strix Hero II so that heat is not centered on one point and also the fan can work well for a long time without being blocked by dust.

Other Hardware

During use, ROG Strix Hero II can last around 3-4 hours for non gaming activities if you only use a battery with a maximum screen light level. If used to play games, it will certainly be shorter in battery life.

The battery power is rather unsatisfactory so this laptop is indeed best used by using the power input directly from the adapter.

For speakers pinned on this laptop, the volume and quality of sound produced is quite good. But if the laptop fan is working fast, the sound of the speaker becomes somewhat unclear.


ROG Strix Hero II is a powerful gaming laptop that is capable of running current generation games with high graphics without problems. This laptop is suitable for gamers and those who want high-performance laptops for their work.