Finding a laptop that fits all of our computing needs and still has affordable prices is definitely the desire of all users.

Acer as one of the top vendors in the laptop market in Indonesia has a wide range of products tailored to the intended use. But once in a while a laptop appears that strives to fulfill all aspects of its user needs both from performance, portability, manufacturing quality to price.

Aspire 5 A515-41G that uses the AMD A12 with Radeon RX 540 graphics seems to be the product that Acer chose as a versatile laptop. Can this laptop really be the main device for those who don't want a desktop computer?


The Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G is a 15.6-inch laptop that is quite large for use in lecture halls and other public places. Its weight reaches 2.2 kg so you will always need a backpack to carry it. But the large body is fairly reasonable to see the specifications it offers.

The Acer A515 that I use is dominated by black with a few silver accents in some parts. This laptop looks very premium feels solid even though most of the body is made of plastic. There are aluminum lines lining the edges and the touchpad area that make it look even more beautiful.

The top of the cover is the Acer logo and a touch of wavy lines that are not my taste, but provide additional grip and do not make fingerprints stick. The hinge of the Acer A515 also allows the screen to open up to 180 degrees so that it can more easily share the screen with other people.

About connectivity, Acer A515 has a complete slot for the present. There are USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.0, USB, 2.0, HDMI, SD Card, RJ45 Ethernet, and audio jack ports. To upgrade it is fairly easy because the HDD and RAM area can be accessed through the bottom panel by only releasing the special shield that is available.

Acer seems to really pay attention to the design side of the A515 because I really like all the design choices that are presented. Acer A515 looks premium, beautiful, sturdy, and that is no less important than modernization to be able to remain relevant in the next few years.

Screen and Audio

For its size that reaches 15.6 inches, it is quite unfortunate if the Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G still offers an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Indeed the resolution has become a standard laptop and will not greatly reduce the experience of use, but the sharpness that is given Full HD 1080p resolution will make it more perfect overall.

Luckily this laptop screen produces colorful and clear images so you can enjoy the content that is displayed well. Plus the matte coating on the screen adds to the comfort when there are many light sources around. The bezel that surrounds each side of the screen is thick enough so that Acer can still have space to improve the screen spans of the next generation.

Although so far I really like what is offered by Acer A515-41G, but the same thing I can not say about the quality of audio produced from the two speakers located on the right side and bottom left.

Listening to music from Spotify, the sound produced is somewhat empty and each instrument sounds piling up. When the volume is at its maximum level, the surface of the keyboard area also vibrates, which might interfere with some people. The audio quality of Acer A515-41G reminds me of smartphone speakers a few years ago.

Even so this problem can be very easily overcome by using an external audio device. I myself prefer to use headphones compared to speakers when using a laptop so that is not the thing that makes me too disappointed. The clear and colored screen affects more comfort when enjoying entertainment content.

Performance and Benchmark

Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G entrusts AMD A12-9720P APU with Bristol Ridge architecture up to 2.7 GHz as the brain. The APU has a total of 12 cores with 4 cores for the CPU and 8 cores for the GPU integrated Radeon R7 for light graphics processing. The use of this APU and 8GB DDR4 RAM guarantees smooth performance for everyday use of work or the like.

For you gamers, Acer A515-41G is also armed with a Radeon RX 540 2GB GDDR5 dedicated GPU to meet heavier needs. This Polaris generation GPU has a far more optimal and faster performance than the previous generation. The combination of the AMD A12 with the Radeon RX 540 is fairly ideal because it has a capable performance to run today's applications.

Speaking of specifications, it doesn't feel good to do a benchmark to see how much performance you can expect. For that I did a benchmark using various applications to see the performance provided by Acer A515-41G in different needs.

As usual, I always run the Cinebench R15 application for the first time to measure the capabilities of the processor it has because it will affect daily performance. On the CPU test, the AMD A12-9720P from Acer A515-41G gets a score of 242 beating the Core i5-3317U.

Next I tried benchmarking with 3DMark to know its ability to manage graphics and physical computing like in a game. In Sky Diver mode, which in my opinion is in accordance with the capabilities of this laptop, the score achieved is quite high around 8321 with an average of 32 FPS in a combination scene.

Then I used PCMark to test this laptop in the Office benchmark that runs various applications and activities that are often done working. As a result Acer A515-41G is able to reach the value of 3697 in PCMark 8 and 2209 in PCMark 10.

The score obtained by Acer A515-41G is quite decent so it should be able to run 3D applications and offices comfortably.


Increasingly curious about the ability of this laptop for gaming, I immediately tried to play some well-known games, namely Grand Theft Auto V, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, and Rise of Tomb Raider. All three of these games have different performance requirements, which are different, they are more concerned with the CPU or GPU.

In addition, the game also has very good and detailed graphic quality that is suitable as a performance reference needed for today's heavy games. With this, you can see what kind of game can be run by Acer A515-41G.

Rise of Tomb Raider

Now in the first experiment, namely Rise of Tomb Raider, I used High graphics settings in a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The result is Acer A515-41G capable of reaching an average of 30-40 FPS and not even often can get 60 FPS for certain scenes. Sometimes a pop-in or texture problem occurs that is late when there are so many objects that need to be displayed that make the FPS suddenly dropped for a moment. But overall the Rise of Tomb Raider can run smoothly even though High graphics.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that is famous for the burden given to processors heavier than in general games. Just like before, my graphics settings are set on High with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

In this game it can be seen that the AMD A12 has a little difficulty handling loads that are focused on the processor. The average FPS obtained is in the range of 25-30 and is considered unstable because of frequent ups and downs. Therefore, to be able to run GTA V more smoothly, the Medium graphics are more optimal to choose from.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

For this one soccer game, I use Maximum graphics settings with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels because it shouldn't be heavier than the Rise of Tomb Raider.

As a result, with the graphic settings, I can play PES 2018 with FPS in the range of 40-50 from the beginning of the match to the end. With that high value, the game can be enjoyed comfortably because it runs quite smoothly and the graphic display won't make you disappointed.


Battery life in laptop devices is very important especially for versatile classes such as the Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G. With all the specifications it has, I would not expect the battery life of an ultrabook class, but at least it can hold it through the lecture class or a certain event.

In everyday life while using this laptop, I often do activities such as browsing and typing while listening to music or streaming Youtube. With a brightness of 50%, Acer A515-41G can last about 3 hours 23 minutes before getting a warning to recharge the power.
Besides that I also tried to do a battery test through the office benchmark on PCMark 8. The results can be seen if the laptop with the AMD A12 can be lit for 3 hours 58 minutes. Not much different from my role when using this laptop everyday.

Compared to other laptops in its class, the Acer A515-41G's endurance is above average because it usually only lasts around 2 to 2.5 hours. This is certainly an added value for those of you who plan to frequently use an outdoor laptop. About charging, I have to wait around 2 hours 35 minutes so that the battery is charged from a capacity of 11% to 100%.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G has a full keyboard design including the numpad area on the right side. Each button has sufficient distance and does not have high flexibility so the keyboard does not decrease when pressed. Although not the best experience, the keyboard of this laptop made me feel comfortable typing for a long time.

One thing I don't like about this keyboard layout is where the power button in the upper right corner is adjacent to the other buttons. This makes me have to be careful because sometimes it is accidentally squashed which actually causes the laptop to die. Somehow some vendors often put the power button there for some of their products.

Switching from the keyboard, the Acer A515-41G touchpad as the main cursor controller has a large area so you can freely move your fingers without worrying about running out of space when moving the cursor from the tip to the end. Smooth surfaces also allow fingers to slip easily.

It's just that the large touchpad area is often touched while typing which causes the cursor to move so I have to turn off the touchpad feature temporarily. But this might be because I'm not used to typing on laptops of this size.


The Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G is a laptop that costs Rp.7,999,000 which is very balanced from all sides. A sturdy premium design along with the support of various present-day connectivity will make users comfortable having this one laptop.

Owned performance is very good for everyday use and playing the latest games quite smoothly. Thanks to the combination of the AMD A12 APU and the Radeon RX 540 graphics embedded in it, you can just play heavy games like Rise of Tomb Raider with high graphics settings quite smoothly.

Indeed the screen resolution is still HD and the sound produced from the speaker is less than satisfactory. Besides that, the cooling fan sometimes makes a pretty loud sound when it is working hard, the sauce is pressed. But this will not reduce your enjoyment in playing games or watching movies. Moreover, this laptop also has a battery life above average for a laptop in its class.

Certainly the Acer Aspire 5 A515-41G deserves to be called a versatile laptop. The balance between the price and the performance offered is the main attraction. If you still feel inadequate, you can easily upgrade by opening the bottom.

Overall, if you don't have a problem having a 15.6-inch laptop, the Acer Aspire 5 A515-415 is highly recommended for those of you who want to use a laptop for college or work at affordable prices and have high performance to be invited to play games with graphics High quite smoothly.