Samsung jumps into the wireless earphone market by presenting IconX Gear to rival Apple AirPods and Google Pixel Buds.

Seeing its name, IconX Gear belongs to the Gear family which is a wearable line from Samsung. With the loss of the 3.5mm audio jack port in high-end smartphones such as the iPhone X and Pixel 2, it is no wonder that Samsung is also now preparing to face a new trend in the audio area that will no longer be a common thing.

Then what about the Gear IconX 2018 that has gotten an increase from its predecessor? Is it able to replace cable earphones? Here's the review from the Gadgetren team.

Funny design

The IconX gear that I tried has a bright pink color that is striking especially when lined up with my other devices which are predominantly white and black. The shape of the charger or case is quite cute and the doff layer makes it comfortable to hold

There is a USB-C port that is used to charge and the button to activate bluetooth. At the front there is a button to open the cover and the battery indicator lights on both sides which will be green to indicate the battery is full and red which means it needs to be recharged.

When the closing of the "house" was opened, it was just seen the curve where the IconX Gear lived. The left and right curves have a similar shape, but the earphones will not be able to enter if the location is not appropriate. This is certainly a good thing because you don't need to make sure which are left and right every time you want to use.

The shape of IconX Gear itself is very different from the earphones that you usually find. The size at a glance looks great, but after I tried to use it it was very fitting with the ear hole and sticking very well.

IconX Gear is the first wireless earphone that I tried for a long time. Of course there is little concern that the earphones will fall when used while walking. Luckily Gear IconX stays in place not moving at all, even when I try to jog and jump a little.

It's just that sometimes the upper part of my ears is painful when using it for a long time. I am unable to ascertain the cause because only occasionally, but it seems more due to the position of the wing above the earphone which is less correct when wearing it.

Easy and fast installation

To be able to use the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 is very easy, both iOS and Android devices. On iPhone, I just need to do pairing as usual and automatically IconX Gear will be directly connected and ready to use.

Likewise on Android devices especially if you are a Galaxy smartphone user, pairing can be done almost without difficulty because the device will automatically detect it automatically.

The pairing process is done by pressing the pair button on the back of the case until the lights turn on colorful. Then turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone and select Gear IconX from the list to do the pairing process.

After success, Gear IconX will now automatically connect to the device every time it is removed from the case so you can immediately use it. After success, now IconX Gear will automatically be automatically connected to the device every time it is removed from the charge so you can immediately use it without any hassle.

If you are a Galaxy user, later the Samsung Gear App application will open and you can see information about the earphone more fully and you can use all the features available in IconX Gear.

With Samsung Gear App you can see the battery capacity of each earphone, track activities such as running or walking, transferring music to local storage, and changing other basic settings.

Since I'm currently an iPhone user, it seems like it's a shame if the Gear application doesn't exist on iOS. I can't use IconX Gear optimally even though it can still be used to listen to music.

Plus using Gear IconX on a Windows 10 laptop is also very annoying because often it is suddenly not detected so I have to do a pairing again.

Clean Audio and Diverse Features

Listening to music with Gear IconX is quite satisfying for me thanks to the excellent audio quality. I can listen to music in any genre comfortably. The music is clear, the bass boom is felt, and most importantly the Bluetooth connection is never interrupted.

Through the IconX Gear application, you can choose several equalizers that have been provided, namely Bass boos, soft, dynamic, clear, and treble boost. After trying everything, Dynamic is the most appropriate for me because it makes every musical instrument more pronounced.

As earphones are in-ear types, chances are that you won't be able to hear the sounds around clearly. For this reason, Samsung provides an Ambient Sound feature so you can adjust how much outside noise you can hear.

Samsung Gear IconX also has a gesture feature that can be activated when the earphone is being used so you don't have to always take out a smartphone to manage music. On the right earphone, you can press once to stop the music while pressing twice will immediately move to the next song. Besides that you can swipe up or down to adjust the volume.

If the right earphone is released from the ear, the music will automatically be stopped so you don't need to be afraid that the music will continue to spin when not in use.

In addition, if one day you forget where to put Gear IconX, you can activate the Find My Gear feature from the Gear Manager application. Later the earphone will emit a beep sound for 3 minutes for you to find, but don't turn it on occasionally when you're wearing earphones in the ear.

The last feature that is quite helpful is 4GB of local storage. Indeed, for the current era 4GB looks small, but it feels enough because you can save quite a lot more. That way you don't need to always rely on a smartphone to listen to music.

Long battery life

The battery aspect might be one that makes me a little surprised because there are some things that are quite disturbing. The first time I wanted to use Gear IconX, it turned out that the right earphone didn't sound good, I tried pairing on iOS and Android devices. The light indicator on the case is also red, different from the pair that is already green.

Initially I had thought that the right earphone was broken, but it turned out that after the IconX pair with the Samsung Galaxy, it was seen that Sumatra was burned out. Strangely after that, the right earphone can charge the battery again as normal. Fortunately after that I did not go back to experiencing the problem so it was quite surprising.

Samsung Gear IconX Batery

With Gear IconX returning to normal, I immediately tried listening to music for several days. As a result Gear IconX can accompany me to work for 6 hours without stopping by playing music from a smartphone and this applies to the next day. If the battery runs out, I just put the earphone in the case to recharge the battery.

Therefore, as long as I use Gear IconX, I charge the battery to full for only 1-2 times because usually I only listen to music about 2 to 3 hours every day. At the end of the new week I charged the case to prepare it again for the following week's activities.

So for you, you are an active user who always listens to music while traveling, especially round trip, I can be sure that you don't need to worry Gear IconX runs out of battery in the middle of the day while carrying storage.

But there is one small drawback that I can point directly to about the battery. I can't know how much battery power is left of the IconX Gear case so I can only guess how long it has been used.


Samsung Gear IconX is a pretty good wireless earphone, but it is less consistent in many ways. Plus for iOS users, they will miss various important features that make this earphone a major audio device.

Even so Gear IconX has advantages in several segments ranging from long battery life, good audio quality, and settings that make it easier for users. The main category that makes wireless earphones worth having has been fulfilled by IconX Gear.

The design is also quite unique, but I find it uncomfortable to use it for a long time because sometimes it makes the earlobe a little sore. This may be an individual case, but of course Gear IconX won't fall easily when it's on the move.

For the price of around IDR 2 million, Samsung Gear IconX can be an option for those of you who are looking for wireless earphones as long as you are not an iOS user. If we are indeed Galaxy smartphone users, it seems Gear IconX is the right choice.