Backup Plus Hub is one of the solutions provided by Seagate in terms of backup of digital data.

In the current era, most information and media formats are now in the form of digital data stored on storage media such as hard disks. One of the main advantages of digital data is the ease of backing up or duplicating the data to another storage.

This allows users not to worry when the main storage device is problematic or damaged because it is stored in various places. For the process to be more easily done, Seagate as one of the leading digital storage manufacturers presents Seagate Backup Plus Hub with a choice of capacities of up to 10TB.

This external storage is present in dimensions of 4.65 × 1.61 × 7.8 inches with a body that is mostly made of plastic. The design is quite modern with a glossy texture on the left and right side which makes it look charming. Even so, I think Seagate should choose a layer of doff so that the device looks more stylish and not easily dirty.

Seagate Backup Plus This hub has air vents at the top and bottom. In addition, there are also four rubber seats on the bottom so that they are not easily slipped when erected vertically and as a sign that the position is not wrong.

For the back, there is a port for power and a USB port to connect it to a computer. The port supports the USB 3.0 interface to get high transfer speeds. Seagate Backup Plus Hub can of course be connected to a USB 2.0 port, but the capabilities provided will not be maximal.

Interestingly, this device also has two USB 3.0 on the front that can be used to connect other devices or just charging. This is certainly an added value because users get an additional USB port.

One other advantage of Seagate Backup Plus Hub is direct support for Mac and Windows devices. For Mac users, Seagate already provides NTFS drivers for Mac in it so there is no need to reformat when switching between Mac and Windows.

Then what about the data transfer capabilities? In testing this time, I used the Seagate Backup Plus 8TB Hub that was connected to a desktop computer via a USB 3.0 port.

First, I tried to benchmark using the Crystal Disk Mark application. In this experiment, the Seagate Backup Plus Hub was able to reach a Read speed of 186 MB / s and Write 167 MB / s in Sequential.

This number is almost two times faster than the internal HDD that I use as a backup storage that only speeds Write 94MB / s. Even if you see the specifications of Crystal Disk Info, both of them have a rotation of 5400 RPM.

Next I try to move files manually through File Explorer in Windows. For a multimedia folder measuring 220 GB, I have to wait around 2 hours 30 minutes with an average speed of around 26 MB / s.

Looking at these results, the capabilities of the Seagate Backup Plus Hub still meet my expectations. It didn't disappoint but it didn't surprise me too.

One thing I like, the presence of the Seagate Toolkit makes the backup process much easier. For this software, I have to download it first because in the Seagate Backup Plus Hub only a link that leads to the download page from the Seagate site is provided.

Fortunately, the initial setup process that I have to do is fairly short and easy. Just follow the instructions, I can immediately use the Toolkit application.

Through this application, I can manage any data and how the data will be backed up. By default, the Toolkit application will back up all data stored in personal account folders such as Documents, Music, Photos to Videos continuously.

Of course the arrangement can be changed as desired including in terms of how often the backup is done. If at any time there is corrupt or corrupted data, then the user just needs to activate the Restore feature to restore it as it was last backed up.

Overall, Seagate Backup Plus Hub is a very easy to use device with very useful features. Unfortunately, there is no Power Off button if you want to turn off the device without having to unplug the Adapter.

To be sure, I think the capabilities of the Seagate Backup Plus Hub are very sufficient for most users who only need backup storage for their digital data.

In addition, Seagate also provides Adobe Creative Cloud Photography bonuses for two months that can be exchanged before 31 January 2020 during product registration.