Acer Predator Triton 900 is quite interesting when first released at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany because it has a screen that can be rotated. But how the performance of the giant laptop when tested? Let's look at our discussion.

The first impression when using this laptop is that the screen is very stunning. The size is 17.3 inches, 4K resolution, and IPS panel type. Oh yes, this screen also uses G-Sync technology which makes it able to display frame rates that vary according to the output of the GPU.

The screen is also interesting, because it has a mounted on a frame using a hinge in the middle. It makes this screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees and when closed can resemble a tablet.

Although, it's like using a laptop as a tablet, is not a wise thing. Because the weight is fairly heavy, which is 4.1 kg, much heavier than most laptops on the market, as well as its extra-large dimensions, which is 428 x 303.3 x 23.75 mm.

But despite its weight, this laptop is very pleasant when used. The big screen is not only good for gaming, but also fun for other purposes, for watching movies, or even just typing.

This laptop is also equipped with a spec that is not kidding, 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor, GPU Nvidia RTX 2080, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB NVMe storage. With specs like this, it seems that all the games that exist today can be devoured easily, although not everything can be done at maximum resolution.

Premium impression is felt on all parts of this laptop, such as aluminum body, including the frame where the screen is attached. There are two speakers facing up, an 82-key mechanical keyboard, and a trackpad on the lower right.

The keyboard is comfortable and satisfying when pressed because it's classified as a mechanical keyboard. But the placement is too tight to the bottom left and the size of the keyboard is small enough to make it uncomfortable, plus the unusual position of the trackpad.

Like a gaming laptop, this keyboard also has a macro button that can be programmed by the user. Its position is above the function key. There is a button labeled 'P' to select three macro groups (a total of 9 buttons can be set). This button can also be set to launch certain applications, increase fan speed, turn off the Windows button, and others.

The settings can be done via the PredatorSense application, which can also be used to manage many other aspects on this laptop. Like the keyboard backlight, the light on the glass panel above the keyboard underneath is the laptop's cooling system, monitoring the temperature and so on.

About the cooling system, this laptop has ventilation on almost all sides, because laptops with specs like this do need extra cooling. During our tests, processor and GPU temperatures reached 70-80 degrees Celsius when used in games, and even penetrated 90 degrees when doing synthetic tests.

The sound of the fan was fairly quiet thanks to the AeroBlade 3D Fan 3 technology used by Acer. Even in the fastest fan mode, the sound is relatively unobtrusive.

The battery life of the Triton 900, like most gaming laptops, is not exactly strong or it must be constantly connected to the charger. Playing a game without connecting to a charger can only last for an hour or less.

try Triton 900 with several games, namely GTA V, Monster Hunter: World and Battlefield V. Two games latter supports ray tracing and a deep learning supersampling (DLSS).

The test is done using the maximum screen resolution, which is 4K and the quality settings are optimized using the Nvidia GeForce Experience, and the results are different in each game. In GTA V you can get a frame rate of 60 fps, which seems to be more but is limited to a screen refresh rate of only 60Hz.

While on Monster Hunter: World frame rates vary between 50-60 fps and the resulting images are very stunning. But another story in Battlefield V, because the frame rate at 4K resolution is in the range of 30 fps with maximum settings. With a slight adjustment in image quality or lowering the resolution, the frame rate can be increased to 60 fps.

The 4K screen is indeed equipped with G-Sync technology, which can adjust the frame rate generated from the GPU with the screen refresh rate to minimize screen tearing. However, because the screen is only 60Hz, the biggest frame rate is only 60 fps.

Maybe if Acer uses a smaller resolution, QHD or 1080, they can provide a screen with a greater refresh rate, 144Hz for example, or even more. That way, the GPU RTX 2080 used will be more optimal. Because it is somewhat ironic when using GPU flagship but can only display a limited frame rate at 60 fps.

Even so, the use of the 4K screen is not exactly entirely incorrect. Because the screen used is very impressive in displaying graphics games that are played with very high resolution.

Finally, the Triton 900 is a laptop that has a unique, fast, and heavy design. The screen that can be rotated makes it different from other flagship gaming laptops. Interested in asking for her hand? Prepare funds of Rp. 79 million to make up for it.