Opening the second semester of 2019, Samsung introduces the Galaxy A80. Unlike its siblings, the Galaxy A50 and A70 , this phone offers a uniqueness to the camera sector.

For the sake of presenting a full screen, the South Korean vendor presents a rotating pop-up camera on the Samsung Galaxy A80 . A concept that has never existed before.

But the appeal is not all. The specifications of this mobile phone are qualified. But is all that worth making it worth having?we try to review it in a brief review of the Samsung Galaxy A80 below.

Galaxy A80 comes with quite large dimensions, its size is 165.2 x 76.5 x 9.3 mm. Maybe because it carries a rotating camera pop-up mechanism, making this phone feel heavier.

Its weight reaches 220 grams. Even so this phone is still comfortable to operate with one hand and stored in a bag.

Speaking of how it looks, even though it's still in the Galaxy A family, the premium feel is so thick. It's not much different from the Galaxy S series

The fringe is made of metal, while the body is wrapped in Gorilla Glass 6. Indeed, for hands that often sweat, it makes it feel slippery. But in the sales package, Samsung includes a beautiful casing.

So it is more comfortable holding while providing more protection to the body of the Galaxy A80. In this part of the casing there is a sticker. When opened can be more glue on the casing and cell phone unit.

If you can advice, it's better not to open. Because you will be difficult when dismantling it to clean the rear body, especially in the pop-up section.

Along with the use of dust there must be attached. By cleaning it regularly we can reduce the risk of dust affecting the ups and downs of the camera. Although, according to The Verge, the Samsung Galaxy has tested its durability by testing dust and device rotors. But it never hurts to keep your cellphone clean.


By bringing a rotating pop-up camera, making a screen notch-free or punch hole. The expanse is so wide without interruption. Yes, even if there is a bezel at the bottom of the screen, it's not that annoying.

The screen size itself is 6.7 inch with Full HD + resolution. Using a Super AMOLED panel with an aspect ratio of 20: 9, it provides cinematic experiences that spoil the eyes.

Use earphones or headsets to enjoy the audio with Dolby Atmos. The sound heard is far more satisfying to the ears than relying on the speaker of this cellphone. But remember the earphones or headsets that support USB Type C, because the Galaxy A80 does not include a 3.5 mm audio jack port.

Samsung sets the Galaxy A80 screen in Vivid mode. If the sharpness of the screen was ngejreng eyes, you can set the mode to Natural softer. This mode is recommended for use in photos to maintain color accuracy when displayed on other devices.