Smartwatch and smartband are wearable devices that are currently widely used by the public. This makes smartwatch continues to grow and offers increasingly diverse features. One of the beautifully designed smartwatch products has landed at the us headquarters, Northedge E101.

The name Northedge may sound foreign and not as popular as big brands like Zeblaze, Amazfit, and so on. Northedge is a well-known Chinese brand with a range of sports and outdoor watch products. Now Northedge is starting to reach the smartwatch and smartband markets through the Northedge E101 series. Curious? Check out the Northedge E101 smartwatch review by the us team this time!

Northedge E101 smartwatch unit

  • USB cable for charging
  • Manual
  • Guarantee card

Northedge E101 design

The design might be one of the advantages of the Northedge E101 smartwatch review by the us team this time. This smart watch comes with a round design that is quite luxurious with a diameter of 45mm. The size of the smartwatch's large circumference makes Northedge E101 suitable for use by men and women. Not only that, around this smartwatch screen there is a chrome finishing with number ornaments that make it look luxurious and attractive.

Northedge E101 smartwatch is very light according to us, even at a glance like a toy. This is not separated from Northedge E101 material which is almost entirely plastic. us initial impression when holding and using the Northedge E101 smartwatch is less luxurious. The bottom of this watch is made of plastic which does not cause wow. While the chrome circle around the screen is also made of plastic.

Although almost all of the body in the Northedge E101 smartwatch review is made of plastic, the build quality is quite solid and feels strong. us sure, this smart watch is quite reliable. This is reinforced by the waterproof and dust certificate of IP67 which is pocketed by this smart watch. For consumers who want the impression of luxury or expensive, it might not be suitable with this Northedge E101 smart watch.
Northedge E101 design

On the upper side, the Northedge E101 smart watch has a 1.3-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and a capacitive touch button. While on the right side there are buttons used to operate the smartwatch. While on the left side of Northedge E101 there are no ports or buttons. While on the lower side there is a magnetic port for charging and various sensors. While the Northedge E101 smartwatch strap is made of high quality and flexible rubber.

us team members actually no one used to using a smartwatch, but we were challenged to review this Northedge E101 smart watch. The initial impression when first trying out the mainstay of this Chinese manufacturer's smartwatch is quite impressive. Northedge E101 offers the ability of the Xiaomi Mi Smartband 3 style to monitor health, but with broader and complete features.

The us team finally decided to try out this smartwatch for a week to complete the Northedge E101 review. Smartwatch trend itself actually continues to increase. In fact, there is now a smartwatch that is designed for children. Then what was our weeklong experience using the Northedge E101 smartwatch?
The screen was the first thing that surprised the us team when reviewing this Northedge E101 smart watch. The rounded appearance was not always followed by a rounded screen as well. The Northedge E101 smartwatch screen turns out to be a box and uses a TFT panel.

The screen quality is fairly standard, neither too good nor bad. When used in the sun, the Northedge E101 screen is still quite visible. us found no brightness settings on this Northedge E101 smartwatch. Unfortunately, the Northedge E101 smart watch screen is not a touch screen and we operate this smart watch with capacitive buttons below the screen and right side button.
Northedge E101 Smartwatch feature

Complete features are the hallmarks of this Northedge E101 smartwatch review. This smart watch can count the number of steps, the user's foot distance, the number of calories burned, sleep monitor, heart rate meter, blood pressure meter, ECG + PPG, sport mode, timer, display notifications from mobile, anti lost or find phone, and theme. Northedge E101 only provides four watch faces and it's rather boring.

The heart rate measurement feature is quite accurate, while for blood pressure gauges the accuracy is still sometimes wrong. While the step gauge feature is also sometimes inaccurate because when us rides a motorcycle, it is also counted as a step and adds calories burned. While other features on the Northedge E101 smartwatch review are running quite well. However, the appearance of the notification still needs to be improved again because it seems less informative.

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The main advantage of the Northedge E101 smartwatch is that it is equipped with ECG or ECG features. Then what exactly is the function of ECG or EKG? ECG or EKG (electrocardiagram) is a common diagnostic test used to evaluate heart function. The test records the electrical activity of the heart, and to a certain extent, identifies if there is abnormal circulation or blood flow. Unfortunately, us does not have the capacity to judge whether this feature is accurate or not.

Wearheart application

Northedge E101 smartwatch can be connected to a cellphone using an application called Wearheart. This application is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store and can be downloaded for free. This application offers a fairly user friendly and informative interface. The features provided are quite complete and pairing can be done easily.

Even though the Wearheart application is running well, it still needs improvements and feature enhancements. This application does not provide sleep mode and notifications from the application are also limited. Users cannot add or reduce application notifications as desired and the number of applications supported by Northedge E101 notifications is fairly limited.


Northedge E101 smartwatch is equipped with a strap or bracelet made of rubber. The quality of the rubber is quality and flexible. us is quite comfortable using this Northedge E101 smart watch for a long time without any symptoms of itching or burning on the skin.


The durability of the 180mAh battery carried by the Northedge E101 smartwatch is quite good in its class. In a condition always connected with a smartphone, this smartwatch is able to last an average of being able to last up to 2-3 days. If it is not always connected to the cellphone, the battery life can be longer.


Northedge E101 is a smartband with a smartwatch style that carries a beautiful design and very complete features. Almost all of the features of this smartwatch run well without problems. Battery endurance is also fairly adequate. In general, Northedge E101 smartwatch is quite worth buying.

Unfortunately, the Northedge E101 smartwatch screen is boxed and the quality is very standard. In addition, the Wearheart application used by this smartwatch still needs to be further developed so that the Northedge E101 can be optimized.

Advantages of Northedge E101

  • Full features
  • Supports ECG + PPG
  • Attractive design
  • Weakness Northedge E101
  • Screen box and not touchscreen
  • The screen is still TFT

Price for Northedge E101

Northedge E101 is a smartwatch-style smartwatch that offers an attractive design with complete features. The price of the latest Northedge E101 smartwatch in Indonesia based on information gathered by us is around Rp. 500 thousand. Of course this price can change at any time according to market conditions and also the policies of each seller. According to us, what is offered by Northedge E101 is quite commensurate with the price.

Based on the Northedge E101 smartwatch review that the us team has done shows quite good results. This smartwatch comes with a design that is quite attractive and carries the full functions of the smartband style. Northedge E101's performance is relatively satisfying, but the supporting applications still need a lot of improvement. In general, Northedge E101 is quite worth considering for consumers who need a smartwatch style smartwatch with complete features.