The smartphone  that awaited by Vivo fans finally arrived. Vivo once suddenly invited me to a smartphone demo unit loan event  which was completely unheard of in Indonesia. We have also featured the article on this link . Yup, the device is named Vivo Z1 Pro.

Z1 Pro becomes a new line from Vivo.  This smartphone is staying to meet the needs of consumers who like to play  games . Therefore, the Z1 Pro comes with quite high specifications. And for a longer playing period, Vivo pairs a large capacity battery.

Then what about the camera that is the mainstay of Vivo to date? What is quite surprising is the existing night mode facility. This mode can sometimes be used during the daytime. The result? Better than the standard version! This will be discussed in the camera segment below.

The specifications of the Vivo Z1 Pro are as follows

  • SoC Snapdragon 712
  • The CPU 2 × 2.3 GHz Kryo 360 Gold + 6 × 1.7 GHz Kryo 360 Silver
  • The GPU Adreno 616
  • RAM 4GB
  • Internal 64 GB
  • Screen 6.53 inches 2340 × 1080 IPS
  • Dimension 162.4 x 77.3 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight 201 gram
  • Battery 5000 mAh
  • OS Android Pie 9.0 - Funtouch OS 9
  • The results of CPU-Z and Sensor Box are as follows

Vivo Z1 Pro also comes with a button on the left side of the body. The button functions to call Google Assistant. So, in addition to calling with "OK, Google", users can also press this button to search for something on the internet.


If you look at the overall design of the Z1 Pro it looks like it is indeed different from other Vivo devices. For  the rear body is made of polycarbonate plastic. With  glass finishing , making the back easily susceptible to fingerprints. The color of the device we got was black.

The Android Vivo Z1 Pro smartphone has a resolution of 2340 × 1080 with a 19.5: 9 screen ratio. The screen itself covers 90.77% of the front of the Vivo Z1 Pro. There is no information on whether Vivo uses special glass that is harder or not. But certainly, when opened from the sales package box Z1 Pro already has a scratch resistant coating.

The screen of the Vivo Z1 Pro is currently using a new model. Not  notch as in previous series, but people call it a  punch hole or hole. And different from Samsung devices on the right and center, Vivo Z1 Pro chose to place the camera on the left side of the screen.

The touch screen is indeed responsive. Uniquely, the level of responsiveness can be increased by activating the GameCenter for  certain games . At the back of the Z1 Pro there are three cameras with one  flash . In addition, there is also a fingerprint sensor on the back.

On the right side of the Z1 Pro can be found the power button  and volume up and down. On the left there is a SIM slot and Google Assistant button. At the bottom there is a 3.5 mm audio port, microUSB, speakers , and  microphone .

Vivo Z1 Pro uses the Android 9 Pie operating system. The interface used is called FunTouch with version 9. Funtouch separates the notification window that can be opened by making a  slide from the top of the screen to the bottom and a  quick menu  called the  shortcut center by making a  slide from the bottom of the screen to the top.

eSports Mode

There is one thing that is quite interesting in the gaming mode  of the Vivo Z1 Pro. This smartphone has a mode called  esports Mode . Vivo claims that this mode is used by AoV and Battle Royale players  . One thing that is interesting is being able to optimize the CPU and GPU and measure the temperature so that there are no problems.

This mode will also increase the screen responsiveness when the option is turned on. After playing several times in  the PUBG Mobile game , the screen has become more responsive!


Vivo Z1 Pro already supports 4G LTE channels in Indonesia. 4G LTE support provided on  this smartphone includes bands 1 (2100), 3 (1800), 5 (850), 8 (900), 38 (2600), 40 (2300), and 41 (2500) used by all operators cellular in Indonesia.


As has been said by the Vivo Indonesia that they have installed a camera that can display good pictures on each device. Of course this includes the Vivo Z1 Pro.

The main camera of the Vivo Z1 Pro uses a Sony IMX 499 sensor with a resolution of 16 MP. The other two cameras are 8 MP for  Ultrawide and 2 MP for  bokeh . The main camera is capable of capturing images quite well, although several times it produces images that are quite  washed out .

What is quite unique is when using Night mode  in every condition. Often the Z1 Pro camera can capture images during the day with Night mode  . The result? The picture is sharper compared to the results of the standard camera. So, if not in a hurry, I advise you to explore the night mode.

The front camera is one of the keys to selling the Z1 Pro. The front camera on the screen has a resolution of 32 MP with AI. The camera can also capture images quite well. Here are the results


The Vivo Z1 Pro smartphone uses  a  high end chipset  that is not currently used by other smartphone manufacturers  , namely Snapdragon 712. Snapdragon 712 itself uses two Core Snapdragon Kryo 360-based Cortex A75 which are 100 MHz faster than SD 710.

By using the SoC, the performance of playing games is definitely not in doubt. The games  we have tried on this device are PUBG Mobile, LifeAfter, and AoV. Even so, you who have big hands seem to have to adjust the buttons on the screen because the  layout shifts a bit.

For testing this time, I bring back the Snapdragon 710 and 660 SoC. The goal is to find out how far the differences in the performance of the three SoCs that currently seem to be widely used, especially the 7xx series. Here are the results


Testing this time I did using the BatteryXPRT application. This application is the closest to everyday smartphone usage  without using  games .

The test lasted for 48 hours on the unit that we got. This means that the Z1 Pro can be used for more than two days. Of course, if used to play  games , the batteries will run out faster.


Vivo consumers' demand for a gaming device is  finally granted by Vivo. Although it is not a gaming device, but Vivo pairs high specifications on  its latest smartphones . Therefore, Vivo can eventually reach those who need  a gaming smartphone and high performance with the Z1 Pro.

The performance of the Z1 Pro is probably the highest for its class. By using Snapdragon 712 and  proper tweaking , it makes performance faster than devices with Snapdragon 710. In fact, the difference is only 100 MHz on the CPU alone. Not only for playing  games , its performance is reliable for those who need smartphone  editing and working.

The camera on this device also has good performance. Moreover, the results of the Night mode used during the day also make the results even better. Then the front camera with high resolution is also able to capture the hearts of selfies fans to take selfies .

Vivo sells this  smartphone for Rp. 3,099,000. This price certainly does not look expensive if you view the overall performance. Moreover, Vivo often sells the device at a higher price. So in my opinion, the Vivo Z1 Pro can be said to be a  big bang for the buck !