I’ve been writing since … well forever.
I worked in a newspaper laying out ads, editing copy and selling advertising. All while earning my degree in PR from Eastern Michigan University. During those years, I did freelance work laying out ads, writing direct mail copy and sales copy for small businesses. As such, I’ve pitched clients, tracked advertising results and written a lot of copy
In college I perused two degrees, PR and computer science. And I love science.
I really enjoyed all the chemistry I took. Playing in the lab was fun, but I never considered myself a lab-rat. Since the technical appeals to me, I started working for small tech companies followed by corporations.
Most of my corporate work has utilized my computer science degree in creating software for end-user (as opposed to server software). That work – in addition to programming – has included business analysis, business intelligence and technical writing.
I believe in the power of story. Every software program must tell a story, that is, software works better when end users think in terms of metaphors. I write with the metaphor, analogy and story because that is how humans think.
Even technical documents are easier to read when it’s like a who-done-it novel.
So that’s my story … I’d like to read yours.

P.S. Hiring me requires a professional fee level commitment. Often I require a retainer for new clients.